Meet Our Team

Sinthura, RPN

Clinical Nurse Lead at one of Ontario’s rapidly growing health care organizations, MedCare Health System, Sinthura’s focus has been in nursing leadership, leading teams, and departments. Since graduating from the Nursing Program at Seneca College, Sinthura has consistently offered a unique blend of leadership, vision, and knowledge to the company. She is passionate about her profession, encouraging and supporting education and professionalism from her teams. A strong patient advocate, Sinthura is always working to enhance the care setting to promote excellent patient care and outcomes, while promoting a healthy environment. She finds it extremely rewarding in forming trusting, therapeutic relationships and making positive impacts in her community.

Sinthura has always had an interest in the beauty world; however, her desire to dive into the aesthetic nursing field became prominent within the last few years. This led her to further her education and obtain her certifications. Sinthura’s passion for health and beauty has brought her on to the MedCare Aesthetics team as a Cosmetic Nurse Injector, where she brings her compassion and professionalism to the rapidly developing field of aesthetic medicine. She is committed to fusing the science of nursing with the art of beauty to enable people to regain self-love and self-confidence. Despite the vulnerability that her clients may experience during cosmetic procedures, Sinthura handles these emotions by displaying empathy. She is able to build a trusting relationship with those in her care by focusing on her patient’s point of view.

While still maintaining an active role as Clinical Nurse Lead at MedCare Health System, Sinthura combines her in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy, caring nature and clinical training and expertise in aesthetic medicine to deliver beautiful non-surgical results in a safe and comfortable environment. Being committed to staying at the forefront of aesthetic innovation, Sinthura regularly participates in continuing education to deliver cutting-edge non-surgical treatments through new technology and techniques.

When Sinthura is not advocating for her patients’ health and wellness, she is searching for the next best restaurant to push her culinary boundaries and please her palette. Additionally, she enjoys spending time connecting with nature as it’s a great way to inject a little happiness into her day. Getting out in the fresh air helps Sinthura refocus and put things into perspective.